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Parasol Defense - The Passive Radar System for Covert 3D Positioning


In collaboration with the Fraunhofer Institute for High Frequency Physics and Radar Techniques (FHR), we have been jointly developing the passive radar system for the detection of aircraft and the localization of moving objects on the ground for over 15 years. Our proven and tested passive radar system, which can be used both stationary and mobile, offers a wide range of applications:

  • Covert detection of moving objects from ground level up to heights of 10,000m and beyond
  • No transmission radiation (utilizes existing radiation or through the use of its own sacrificial transmitter)
  • Coverage of 450km² of airspace/ground monitoring (3D detection of moving aerial and ground objects starting from 0.5m² radar cross-section)
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Over 15 years of experience
  • Both mobile and stationary units
  • Options for purchase and rental
  • Provision of an online live-tracking interface

We are at your disposal and ready to assist you. Please feel free to contact us.

Areas of application


• Close-range detection

• Surveillance of arrival and departure areas

• Protection against drones and birds

Building Security 

• Object and site security

• Detection of airborne objects for threat prevention

• Applications: Nuclear power plants, prisons, gas storage facilities, stadiums

Border Security 

• Detection of flying and moving objects, including stealth aircraft

• Monitoring U-Space -> Airspace G for drone defense

• Live monitoring

• Covert monitoring across borders



Equipment of a technical container with Parasol system technology.

Including 3 sensor masts and all necessary components.

Option for own transmission masts as sacrificial transmitters.

Know how

Including commissioning and technical handover.

Maintenance and service provided by Parasol.

Knowledge transfer in all technical matters.

Equipment varies according to the application area and project requirements.

Please feel free to contact us. 


19. - 20.11.2024 Berlin Security Conference 2024

In November 2024, one of Europe's largest security conferences will take place at Vienna House Andel's Berlin. The passive radar system is a fixed component and there will be specialist presentations on the subject.

Contact person

Marvin Friedrichsen
Executive management - Sales Parasol

Tel.: 04674 / 96 29 - 20
Fax: 04674 / 827 9999